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We custom build permanent, life-time Crystal Energy Fields for Personal/Business/House Energy Correction; for rectifying defects in Indian Vastu Vaastu Vasthu Vaastu Shastra, Oriental Fengshui, Chinese Flying Stars Feng Shui & European Bau Biologie - no alteration or demolition needed; Remedies for malefic planetary effects & graha doshas as per Vedic Astrology Horoscopes, Eastern & Western Astrology. Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness will not only prevail, but will also be retained.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What can our Crystal Energy Fields do ? (Part-III)

Here is the third part of the series "What can our Crystal Energy Fields Do ?".

For Business : Business Energy Correction :

  1. Cash flow, profits, consolidation
  2. New clients, new opportunites, new expansions
  3. Good relations with vendors & buyers
  4. Sustained business growth & control
  5. Employees & production management
  6. Protection from pilferage, burglers & thieves
  7. Protection for vehicles and it’s travellers
  8. Consolidating profits into assets
  9. Recovering from sick business
  10. Preventing money/profit erosions
  11. Protection for vehicles and it’s travellers
  12. Protection for trucks and transported goods
  13. Winning litigations, solving disputes
  14. Overcoming competition
  15. Smooth business take-overs
  16. Achieve turnover targets easily
  17. Overcome negativities of vaastu/building defects
  18. Building/office/business energy correction

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(End of Part - III : to be continued)

- JANARRDHANA GUPTHA, Energy Consultant & Crystal Master
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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What can our Crystal Energy Fields do ? (Part-II)

Here is the second part of the series : "What can our Crystal Energy Fields Do ?"

  1. General goodluck and happiness
  2. Harmony and family unity
  3. Excellent love life
  4. Amiable relations and harmonious equations with everybody
  5. Good general health for all in the family
  6. Recovery from particular ailments and control of chronic illness
  7. Spiritual growth and mental peace
  8. Good income, wealth and abundance
  9. Repaying debts and loans
  10. Recovering money loaned out
  11. Settling inheritance and morally/legally due properties
  12. Selling off non-desirable land, buildings
  13. Buy new assets like jewellery, land and buildings
  14. Conduct marriages and concieve good children in the family
  15. Solve fertility problems & concieve good children
  16. Repel negativity and build a protection shield for the entire family and home
  17. Clear family curses, spells and hauntings
  18. Get rid of bad spirits, parasite souls, harmful creatures and black magic
  19. Abolish evil eye and drishti, especially for growing children
  20. Protection from jealousy and negative entities
  21. Protection from thieves and burglers
  22. Protection for family's vehicles and it's travellers
  23. A powerful and sustained supply of pure postive energy
  24. Achieve lifetime goals and targets smoothly

(End of Part - II : to be continued)

- JANARRDHANA GUPTHA, Energy Consultant & Crystal Master

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

What can our Crystal Energy Fields do ? (Part-I)

Depending upon the client’s needs, we can build a Crystal Energy Field that will be tailored to suit the exact requirements of the client. It could be any or simply everything of these :


Overcomes all types of negative energy or evil energy arising out of :

  1. Conventional Indian Vedic Vaastu (Vastu, Vasthu, Vaasthu) Shastra defects
  2. Traditional Chinese, Tibetan & Korean Fengshui (Foong Shway, Fung Shi) defects
  3. Conventional & Modern Oriental Flying Stars Feng Shui defects, including Changing Over To Period 8 Energies
  4. Practical Bau Biologie (Building Biology or European Fengshui) defects
  5. Wrong placement of objects, windows, doors, stair cases, water tanks, pools, etc.
  6. Rooms & Spaces placed in wrong directions
  7. Mistakes in shapes and measurements of Land, Rooms & Space
  8. High rise buildings, electrical transformers, big or rotten trees, wells, stagnant water body, etc.
  9. Road/street intersections, nearby cemetry, opposite/next to temple/church, zoo, hospital, etc.
  10. Hostile environments, disturbing neighbourhood, etc.
  11. Geopathic Stress, etc.

For more details, browse our Karma Energy Correction website :

(To be continued in Part-II)

- JANARRDHANA GUPTHA, Energy Consultant & Crystal Master
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Friday, August 26, 2005

Do Good Luck Symbols & Charms Really Work ? (Part-II)

(Continuation of Part-I)

Here is the second part of Sri Janarrdhana Guptha's article Do Good Luck Symbols & Charms really work ? :

But how can merely the statue of a Phoenix bird bring motivation and new opportunities ?

The shape and design of the gadget determines the nature of the energy that the remedy can receive and transmit. (2) The raw material and size decide the storage capacity and life of the remedy, when energised. (3) Programming of the remedy defines the problem to be solved or the purpose to be realised and the Programming only fully dedicates the energy of the remedy to the purpose and binds it to the person. It is thus important to realise that the remedy by itself is only the hardware part (like a computer). You have to supply the electricity (energising) to switch it on and keep it running. But ultimately you have to supply the proper software (programming) to make it work. Appropriate placement then completes the circle.

There are some who would argue that the "shape" of the talisman or remedy itself does signify a specific energy and hence does not require any other processing. Sure it does : that's why it has been selected as an energy tool. For example, the shape of a majestic Elephant does signify the energies related to strength, shrewdness and long memory - but that alone is not suffiecient. The image or statue should definitely be energised in ways where it stores enough to last for a few years, not weeks. Then the stored energy should be programmed as to whom and for what purpose it should work. The programming also helps the remedy from being corrupted from the onslaught of negative energies that it surely has to face (on behalf of it's owner), once activated. This way, if and when the vital positive energy of the remedy is critically overwhelmed by negativity at one stage, the remedy simply breaks and declares it's inability to serve (it's owner) further, rather than damage it's owner.

Will a Laughing Buddha or a Crystal or a Yantra bought off the shelf in a shop give results ?

The simple answer is a firm “no”, if it has not been programmed and energised. Merely energising will not help. The energy needs to be stabilised, sealed and then directed through “specialised” programming. In fact, the source of the energy remedies play an important role in determining the effectiveness. Many who buy the same Fengshui product from two different sources will find that one is working so well and the other may not. But they never bother to ask why that happens.

The answer is subtle, the source determines the "root energy" stored in the products. (1) It is a key element (the root energy) that the qualified expert (who is going the sell/channel the remedies) checks before selecting. Then the products are (2) cleansed (of negativities that arise during manufacturing/changing hands), (3) instilled with auspicious and positive energy and (4) kept in proper storage area that has a strong positive energy belt before being sold. Finally, when sold, (5) the expert programs the remedy to the purpose and the user and explains the (6) ideal placement of the energy tool in his/her place. Then and only then will these remedial tools yield results. In modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain Health, Wealth, Harmony and Happiness.

- JANARRDHANA GUPTHA, Energy Consultant & Crystal Master
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Do Good Luck Symbols & Charms Really Work ? (Part-I)

Symbols and symbolism are popular in almost every civilisation, culture and religion that has evolved on Earth. They are deeply ingrained in the way of our life itself. Symbols impact our subconscious mind and if their influences are strong enough, then they could stimulate confidence, effort and good outcomes. Whether we realize or not paintings, pictures, jewellery, statues, birds, animals and so forth have meanings and effect on us.
Mankind, after closely watching nature, events and environmental life over a period of centuries, has developed a vast and time tested database of Positive Symbols. When the geometric shape, size, meaning and their other nuances are properly understood and activated, it results in transmission/amplification of “energy” - the vital life force that governs everything in the Universe.
Some classical examples are Crystals, Pyramids, Vedic Yantras (Sacred Geometry), Maha Meru, Pancha Boodha Stupa, Vajra, Viswa Vajra, Rahu (Phurba), Fengshui Objects, et cetra.
Usage of positive symbols can alter energy flow and enhance the surrounding space. It is the easiest way to introduce positivism in our environment. They are normally categorised into 2 types : to remedy/cure a problem, to heal a situation; to act as a booster or enhancer to bring about harmony and prosperity. There are symbols (like Crystals) that when placed (after processing), can dissolve negative energy and also stream out purpose-solving, high positive energy. These symbols, when processed and positioned correctly, will definitely yield results.
By creating an environment rich with positive symbolism that elicit positive thinking, focused minds, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity will result. We will then become aware of the life force in the environment in which the energy had been altered by us, thus enabling us to empower it. This powerful symbolism will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in every aspect of our lives.
For example, a Black Tourmalene Crystal Pendant can balance the emotions and calm the mind; a pair of Pink Mandarin Duck statuettes can bond a couple more strongly; a Viswa Vajra can protect one from negative entities; a Five Element Stupa can balance the five elements of nature and correct the vaastu/fengshui energy of land and building; a set of Sailing Ship Coins can instigate cash flow in Business; a Pyramid can accumulate Positive Energy; a Shri Yantra can remove financial blocks, a custom built Crystal Energy Field can bring in Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness, et cetra.

(to be continued in Part - II)

- JANARRDHANA GUPTHA, Energy Consultant & Crystal Master

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