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Monday, September 26, 2005

Advanced Version - III of NewAge Kabbalah Numerology Launched

The Advanced Version III of the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology follows the recently launched Advanced Version II.

Like Advanced Version-II, the new Advanced Version-III also is based on a Crystal Energy Field, but of much larger proportions.

So what are the advantages of the Advanced Version-III over Advanced Version-II ?

  1. The Advanced Version-II is based on controling the energies of the 8 directions and balancing the 7 Chakras. But the Advanced Version-III also additionally boosts and balances the 5 Elements also. Thereby the results are still better and faster too.
  2. The powerful Crystal Energy Field of Advanced Version-III contains a big Crystal Viswa Vajra or Double Dorje (described as a double thunderbolt that destroys all that is evil but which is invincible) with five Crystal Stupas (Five Element Crystal Towers), four Black Tourmalene Pyramids and a gold plated copper Sacred Geometry Shri Yantra (Sri Yantra or Shree Yantra) which bestows financial prosperity.
  3. The Advanced Version-III of NewAge Kabbalah Numerology can be performed upto 12 members of the same family, using the same Crystal Energy Field.

What are the 5 Elements ?

The Five Elements in nature and magic are the Pancha Pranas or the Pancha Bhoodhas : Earth (Bhoomi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Metal, Vaayu), and Ether (Wood, Sky, Spirit, Space, Aakash).

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