Crystal Energy Fields for Karma Correction

We custom build permanent, life-time Crystal Energy Fields for Personal/Business/House Energy Correction; for rectifying defects in Indian Vastu Vaastu Vasthu Vaastu Shastra, Oriental Fengshui, Chinese Flying Stars Feng Shui & European Bau Biologie - no alteration or demolition needed; Remedies for malefic planetary effects & graha doshas as per Vedic Astrology Horoscopes, Eastern & Western Astrology. Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness will not only prevail, but will also be retained.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Ultimate Karma Energy Correction through Crystal Karma Gate : Part-II

(Continuation of Part-I)

Here are some more salient features of our newest Crystal Energy Field called Crystal Karma Gate :

(6) The Crystal Karma Gate incorporates a professional Crystal Healing Mandala that automatically performs : scanning, diagnosis, cleansing and healing for all the family members continuously, to maintain general good health.

(7) A Crystal Wish Mandala is also a part of this CEF ! This means that every one of your morally, ethically and legally correct wishes will be energised.

(8) The most attractive feature of our Crystal Karma Gate is that it has a built-in Energy Ball Generator : all of your positive thoughts, wishes and tasks - whether personal or professional - are assigned to individually created Energy Balls. The Energy Balls are programmed and energised accordingly and automatically, so that they maintain the right level of energy push and energy pressure until the event happens or the wish realises.
As you can see, the Crystal Karma Gate is truly a giant of a Crystal Energy Field that has the primal cosmic energy power to make and maintain Karmic Corrections forever.

The visible constituents of the Crystal Karma Gate are : 5 Five Element Crystal Stupa Towers or Pancha Boodha Stupas, 8 Crystal Vajras or Dorje (or Crystal Viswa Vajras / Double Dorje as the case may be), 8 Black Tourmalene Pyramids, 4 Mayan Coloured Rahu Crystals or Vajra Phurba or Dorje Purbha and 9 Copper, Gold Plated Sacred Geometry Shri Yantra (or Sri Yanthra or Shree Yantra).

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