Crystal Energy Fields for Karma Correction

We custom build permanent, life-time Crystal Energy Fields for Personal/Business/House Energy Correction; for rectifying defects in Indian Vastu Vaastu Vasthu Vaastu Shastra, Oriental Fengshui, Chinese Flying Stars Feng Shui & European Bau Biologie - no alteration or demolition needed; Remedies for malefic planetary effects & graha doshas as per Vedic Astrology Horoscopes, Eastern & Western Astrology. Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness will not only prevail, but will also be retained.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

What can our Crystal Energy Fields do ? (Part-IV)

Here is the fourth part of our series " What can our Crystal Energy Fields Do ? " :

  1. To control emotions and establish proper grounding
  2. To emotionally and physically recover from illness, loss and grief
  3. Abolish negative thinking and induct positive thinking
  4. Maintain needed discipline and meet moral commitments
  5. Create mental peace and spiritual growth
  6. Build amenable relationships with everybody concerned
  7. Painless and permanent release from addictions : smoking, drinking, drugs, womenising, etc.
  8. Plan and build a thriving career; in office, inspire loyalty among subordinates, make win-win equations with colegues, overcome petty office politics, create satisfaction with the mangement and win more power, promotion and income
  9. Better knowledge and education : memory power, assimilation, motivation, marks and ranks
  10. Enjoyable marital bliss and concieve good children
  11. Get social recognition
  12. Clear curses, hauntings and spells
  13. Get rid of personal and family karma
  14. Overcome doshas, bad dhasa/bhukti effects, gochara problems and malefic planetary impacts permanently, as indicated in horoscope - whether western, oriental or indian vedic hindu astrology
  15. Get shielded from negative energy arising out of defects in construction - as per indian vedic vastu vaastu vasthu vaasthu shastra, chinese fengshui or oriental flying stars feng shui or european bau biologie - without any form of alteration or demolition - even for rented places.
  16. Get 24/7 protection from black magic, evil entities, parasite souls, harmful creatures and evil eye/dhrishti.
  17. Achieve life's ambitions smoothly
  18. Balance the 7 chakras always

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